Head First, Programming David Griffiths and Paul Barry

sThe outline and layout of this book makes it really interesting to read. From the beginning you are introduced to programming in terms (as in my case) you had not heard before makes sense to you. The pictures and test captivate your mind so you actually retain what you are reading. Going from chapter to chapter you are using the tools given and by the end you have a really good understanding of how the coding works.


Head First HTML and CSS By Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Robson

thumbGreat book to start learning HTMS and CSS.  The authors did a good job laying out the principles and content in an easy to read structure.  It highlights the important parts of HTML and CSS in a manner that will allow you to absorb and retain the content. I was able to use a lot of the principles right away.

SQL Pocket Guide

SQL Pocket Guide 3rd edition, by jonathan Gennick

Is just as it states a pocket guide.  The content of the book is setup in a way that it is easy to find what you are looking for.  It gives you examples in Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and MySQL.  It is a helpfull tool to give you the syntax you are looking for.  The guide is a good tool to have handy for those times you just can’t remember how to do something.

Step by Step, Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 by Penelope Coventry

microsoft sharepoint designer 2010Step by Step, Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 by Penelope Coventry is truly step by step.  It takes you through each process from start to finish using clear and detailed instructions. The sample files were really useful and easy to import. The screen shots that are inserted thought the steps gave an excellent visual reference point for the steps that you were performing.

The books detailed step by step instructions will make for an excellent reference point on those occasions that you just can’t remember how to perform a task.  The chapters of the book are broken up in a way that they flow from one chapter to the next.  For each task that you are learning and at the beginning of the chapters a detailed explanation of the task/content is given in terms that anyone can understand.  The authors approach on having the user go through the exercises to learn the steps was a good way to reinforce the content of the book.    I would recommend this book for anyone that is using SharePoint Designer.

Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 Plain & Simple By Johnathan Lightfoot, Chris Beckett

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Plain & Simple by Johnathan Lightfoot and Chris Beckett puts the principles and concepts of SharePoint into an easy to follow and comprehensive way. The book is well organized and easy to follow. The screen shots and tips really make this book stand out and grab your attention.

At first glance when I looked at the cover I said “Oh my gosh am I ever going to understand”.  I had just taken a training class on SharePoint and by the end of it I was lost.  So I decided to take my chances on learning SharePoint on my own and I got this book.  I decided to dive right in.  SharePoint 2010 Plain & Simple is exactly that plain and simple to understand.  As I was going through the book and looking at the excellent screen shots and reading the well thought out text I began to realize, I did get it.  I understood what I was reading. If you are interested in SharePoint I recommend this book.