Hope and Healing

Last night a new television series began.  OWN (Opray Winfrey Network) aired the first program of “Our America” hosted by Lisa Ling.  The show’s preview states that it will take an in-depth look at some controversial issues in today’s United States.  Lisa immerses herself in the lives of people she meets, providing accounts of experiences and insight on contentious issues.  The purpose of the series is to challenge viewers to understand different views and question what they think is true.   The first episode dealt with “faith healers”.

Lisa stated that 50% of Americans believe in miracles.  Faith healing is the fastest growing movement in America.  The program was centered on Morning Star Ministries and one of its evangelists–Todd Bentley.  Mr. Bentley has a controversial past which he freely admits, but he says that because of it he is able to heal.  The Ministry has a university where young people study to become healers.  Most of those interviewed had suffered mental and physical abuse and believed that the ministry gave them hope, and they were chosen to be healers.  Participants in the conference paid about $600. The program followed the story of Steve, a paraplegic with brain injury.  He firmly believed that we would be able to walk out of the conference.  His doctor was interviewed and he stated that the medical world had nothing further to offer Steve, but that he did believe in miracles, and that hope was good.  He said that without hope he had seen patients die.  Mr. Bentley preached about the power of God but said that doubt could prevent healing.  Unfortunately, Steve wasn’t able to walk out of the conference, but he stated that “it just wasn’t me time”.  His faith remained strong.  Ling concluded the program with the thought that she had seen lives that had been changed and believed that faith empowered.

Reader comments were about equally divided between those who believe and those who don’t.      Here are a few examples:

rhonda1951: Amazing choice of venue! I am a believer in MIIRACLES because I had lumps disappear from my breast during a worship service years ago. On the other side, my husband had an incurable disease, TN, the suicide disease, and we prayed and believed for his healing for 12 difficult years. His symptoms left, not supernaturally, but through a doctor practicing science.

anneliese66 : I believe that the mind is a very powerful part of ourselves. Whatever we put OUR mind to.. anything is possible. I am not sure that God has anything to do with it. Why then does God allow all the horrible things that happen in this world? I believe in the power of our minds and ourselves.

Uni: TO THOSE WHO DONT BELIEVE IN MIRACLES: First of all people like erikcorona do not believe in miracles because you are not a Christian, and you therefore do not understand that God calls people into different ministries

erikcorona:  I didn’t say I don’t believe in miracles. I stated that I don’t believe God uses “faith healers” to regrow limbs or heal people of any illnesses. Benny Hinn is a con-artist who has been exposed several times by investigative news reports by Inside Edition, Dateline NBC, and 60 Minutes.

Of all the comments I read, this last one sums up a very good reason for watching this program.

missyreads : I have my DVR set to watch this show I am looking at OWN to help me with my level of tolerance. Everyone has this thing and different levels of understanding right and wrong. My right or wrong might not be yours and I might not understand your behavior but tolerance must be present and I’m looking to magnify mine. Laverne

This program provided a look at a segment of popular culture that ignites much debate.  It gave an inside glimpse of actual healing meetings, but left it up to the viewer to make their own conclusions.


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