Step by Step, Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 by Penelope Coventry

microsoft sharepoint designer 2010Step by Step, Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 by Penelope Coventry is truly step by step.  It takes you through each process from start to finish using clear and detailed instructions. The sample files were really useful and easy to import. The screen shots that are inserted thought the steps gave an excellent visual reference point for the steps that you were performing.

The books detailed step by step instructions will make for an excellent reference point on those occasions that you just can’t remember how to perform a task.  The chapters of the book are broken up in a way that they flow from one chapter to the next.  For each task that you are learning and at the beginning of the chapters a detailed explanation of the task/content is given in terms that anyone can understand.  The authors approach on having the user go through the exercises to learn the steps was a good way to reinforce the content of the book.    I would recommend this book for anyone that is using SharePoint Designer.


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