Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 Plain & Simple By Johnathan Lightfoot, Chris Beckett

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Plain & Simple by Johnathan Lightfoot and Chris Beckett puts the principles and concepts of SharePoint into an easy to follow and comprehensive way. The book is well organized and easy to follow. The screen shots and tips really make this book stand out and grab your attention.

At first glance when I looked at the cover I said “Oh my gosh am I ever going to understand”.  I had just taken a training class on SharePoint and by the end of it I was lost.  So I decided to take my chances on learning SharePoint on my own and I got this book.  I decided to dive right in.  SharePoint 2010 Plain & Simple is exactly that plain and simple to understand.  As I was going through the book and looking at the excellent screen shots and reading the well thought out text I began to realize, I did get it.  I understood what I was reading. If you are interested in SharePoint I recommend this book.


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