American Girl

I am an all American girl, typifying the melting pot that is America.  My parents are third and fourth generations Americans.  I was raised to honor my country and believe in the founding fathers principles that we all have the God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  I was taught by my mom that I should set goals and then work to achieve them, not depending on others to do things for me.    And in America this is encouraged.

I prefer to make my own decisions after hearing many sides of an issue.  I often think that many of the presented views are not always based on fact, or are skewered by the person’s own agenda.

The power of the press influences much of what other people think of us.  Our TV shows, advertising, and interests paint a picture of us that does not necessarily reflect who we really are.

The perception of America outside her borders is much different than how we picture ourselves.  Many people living in other countries think that Americans are all rich (and we are by their standards), shallow and self-centered.  I think some of that view is held because they do not understand the concept of free enterprise.  But some of that view is also fostered by the way that Americans act when they travel abroad.  They sometimes are insensitive to the native customs and culture.

Some cultures do not hold to the belief of freedom of religion, and so Americans are viewed as the enemy because they do not totally embrace the opposing views.  Burning  the American flag signifies their contempt of our way of life.  Many countries expect their governments to take care of them, and they cannot understand our belief that it is up to the individual to achieve success.

I am proud of my country, her flag and her symbols of freedom, but I know I must be sensitive to others.

Here is a video from YouTube you might enjoy, I did. Just click on the following link.

Toby Keith – American Soldier


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I love my son, my fiance, my mom and the new children that will be becoming a part of my life.

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